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The common mango tree grew in many areas in Camp 4. During mango season, we would climb the trees, and eat the mangoes while up in the tree.

One day, my friend and I climbed one of the trees behind the Chinese men's house. and picked and ate the mangoes while sitting in the tree. We threw the mango seeds on the roof creating a racket for the Chinese men resting on their mats.

 After awhile, one of the men, AHTOK, came out to see who was in the tree. Once he spotted us, he yelled for us to come down. My friend and I climbed down, jumped on the roof, and down to the ground behind the house. AHTOK saw us climbing down the tree, and recognized us so he knew which house to go to.

After we jumped to the ground we started to run to my house, and looking back to see if he was chasing us. Sure enough he was, and worse, he was carrying a small hatchet. When we got to my house we ran under the house, and to the back where it was a little dark.

AHTOK showed up after a few minutes, and he yelled for us to come out. We were too scared to come out, because he was waving the hatchet as he kept yelling at us. We were young, but not dumb. All the yelling brought my mother out, and she said "AHTOK osamara you." (AHTOK what's the matter with you.) After talking for a few minutes, AHTOK went away, and my mother scolded us.

Eventually, my friend and I went back to climbing the tree after making friends with AHTOK.

We went fishing along the shoreline all the time with bamboo poles or sometimes going underwater spear fishing. We walked down to the beach, and stayed there for quite awhile since we sometimes carried cooked rice with us, and only had to cook what we caught for a nice meal. When we went spearfishing, swimming along the shoreline for an hour or so, the fishes, crabs, and lobsters cooked over the coals of a wood fire  were a tasty feast after a long time in the water.


 One day my oldest brother, me and some others from the camp were running down to the beach when I felt a stinging pain in my right foot. I looked down, and the skin on top of my foot was stretched like it was supported by a tent pole. I had stepped on a nail that protruded from a board that was lying on the ground. We had to turn back, I had to have a tetanus shot and my brother caught hell from my mother for getting me into this predicament!!

The photo is of one of my fishing spots below Kaumakani. I am working my way to the large table shaped rock. I would cast out and also into the bay parallel to the shoreline with a lure tied to the line. The tide is starting to come in, and the seaweed would be covered, and best of all the fish would be more active...lots of fun!! Whenever I see photos like this, it brings back memories of the great fishing below Kaumakani. Even without the photos I can still picture every part of the shoreline where I went fishing, alone or with my brothers. The good thing was that my parents  never worried about me falling in the water or getting hurt  when I went fishing alone in my early teens.

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